Get recycling as you get out and about

People will be able to recycle more while they are out and about, thanks to new recycling bins being installed across the City Centre, Barbican and the waterfront.

Over 100 sets of new bins – each set with a recycling bin – will soon be in place across 88 locations as part of the city’s ongoing push to get greener and to increase recycling rates.

Councillor Sue Dann, Cabinet Member for Environment and Street Scene said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to recycle when they are wandering around enjoying these great locations. Putting recycling bins in – especially in busy areas – makes it that bit easier for people to do the right thing.”

Installing the new bins is part of the Council’s Mayflower readiness programme, a project designed to ensure the city was in tip-top condition for the commemorations. Measures included repainting Smeaton’s Tower, extensive resurfacing and repaving programmes as well as signage.

She said: “Mayflower is still happening. We’ve still got an amazing programme of events all in the pipeline – it’s just COVID-19 has made the pipeline a little longer!”

The old black bins are being removed and will replace bins that get damaged. The new twin bins are each capable of storing 240ltrs of rubbish or 240ltrs of recyclables and between them, have more capacity than the old 360ltr black bins. The recycling bin has a narrower opening which are mainly designed for cans, bottles and paper. People are being asked not to use them for single use cups are not recyclable because of their lining.

Despite some street services staff shielding, litter bin emptying has been prioritised, especially since social distancing measures have eased and more people are out and about.

Sue added:  “The lockdown has helped us appreciate what we have and what we need to look after. These bins will enable our residents to continue their good recycling habits while out and about.”