SailGP, a thrilling event for Plymouth

The preparations are well under way to welcome SailGP Season 2 to Plymouth this July; forming part of the global league’s schedule for 2021. It’s extremely exciting for Plymouth to be part of this global network, but also after such a tough 12 months for many of us, something that brings not only value to the city – but also something for us all to really look forward to!

Plymouth City Centre Company chief executive Steve Hughes said:“ This event is a huge coup for the city and could be worth up to £18m to the city economy as well as putting Plymouth on the world stage. We expect the city to be very busy in the run-up to the event and over that weekend, so we want our businesses to make the most of the opportunity.”

This Great Britain Sail Grand Prix in Plymouth is going to offer two full days of thrilling close-to-shore yacht racing.  It’s going to be a fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled race, and not only an opportunity for revellers to enjoy the viewing opportunities across the Waterfront, but is also predicted to bring an £18million boost to Plymouth. It aligns beautifully with so many things that really matter to us all in Plymouth, such as inspiring young people and our cleaner, greener plans for the future. It’s also offering experiences that so many people have lost out on over the last year, such as work experiences, learning opportunities and simple togetherness! There are a host of ways that people and businesses will be able to engage and unlock value.