Fiver Fest is back!

We are looking for independent businesses across Plymouth to join in with the Totally Locally FIVER FEST from 12th – 26th June.

This is a brilliant FREE opportunity to showcase your business by coming up with a simple £5 offer which we will publicise for you. Fiver Fest comes from the now famous Totally Locally £5 message, showing the huge impact that can be made by people spending just £5 a week in their local independent shops.

It ties in nicely with our own GeddonPlymouth Shop Local campaign, hosted on our Shop4Plymouth website, and aimed at getting people to support our local, independent businesses.

About your Offer:

Offers should be something with a £5 spend to tie in with the £5 message.

This does not include discounts like £5 or 5% off. To get the most out of your offer, make it something discounted from a usual price of at least £7/8, but the bigger the discount the better! Businesses not on the high street such as services, fitness etc can offer introductory services to get new clients on board. Make the offer for something brill, not just old stock you are trying to shift.

You are giving people an excuse for them to explore your town and find out about all the great shops that are there. So make it a brilliant offer! The better it is, the more you will sell, but the more people will think about your shop in the future as somewhere to get good quality, interesting stuff. Some shops even change their offer as they go along, or have a few different ones from the start – it’s totally up to you.

Think of it as an investment into advertising your business. It’s that simple.

So, please join in by sending us your £5 offer and business details to Steve Hughes at or filling in a quick form here.