Civic Square upgrade is under way

Work to reinvigorate one of the city’s most important public spaces, Civic Square, is underway.

The project is part of Plymouth’s High Street Heritage Action Zone, a partnership between Historic England and Plymouth City Council and will see the restoration of its most important heritage features, while at the same time reimagining it for the 21st century.

Contractors will create new parking spaces on Princess Street and reline some of the Guildhall car park to allow the square to be expanded to create more space for cyclists and pedestrians.

It will also address issues such as narrow pavements and raised kerbs which has been highlighted as a problem for those in wheelchairs, mobility scooters or those who have other mobility problems.

Improvements include:
– New tree planting and work to existing trees
– Soft landscaping to create an attractive green public space
– Repairing the pond to improve water quality, filtration and biodiversity
– Returning the flagpoles to the square
– New modern seating and street furniture

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