New moves to tackle anti-social behaviour

We know that anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the city centre is one of the biggest concerns facing city centre businesses.

This has become increasingly challenging over the last few months but we have been making good progress following calls for a more robust approach from the city council, police and other agencies, with several new initiatives, including:

• Extra funding from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner to pay for Sunday PARC (Plymouth Against Retail Crime) patrols
• The creation of a city centre Crimestoppers UK Action Zone
• The setting up of a police and business anti-social-behaviour forum
• Signing up more businesses to our PARC scheme
• Several arrests and visits to parents following recent youth ASB incidents

The increase in homelessness and number of people sleeping in shop doorways and car parks, along with the problem of abandoned bedding and belongings is complex but is being addressed and we hope to bring you more news on this soon.

The easiest way to report crime and to keep up to date with city centre crime information is to make sure you are signed up to the PARC scheme.

For more details, email:

The easiest way to report anti-social behaviour is here: Report anti-social behaviour