Customer queue management

Plymouth business owners, please follow the guidance below wherever possible: All businesses should take responsibility for outdoor queuing Do not allow your queue to encroach on another business Queues should run parallel to your building to allow maximum space for pedestrians Queues can extend into side streets where this will not obstruct pedestrian flow Any […]

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What to expect travelling in and around Plymouth

Plymouth City Centre Transport

People who travel in and out of the city centre will notice a few key changes as public transport services continue to adapt to measures brought in as a result of COVID-19. Bus services are now starting to return to nearly normal levels. However, as there have been some changes to routes and frequency of […]

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March Soundbite – SPECIAL EDITION

WE’RE HERE TO HELP Efforts to slow down the spread of coronavirus will have a devastating impact on our city centre economy. Businesses already suffering from the change in the retail climate will now be faced with a battle to survive. Your city centre Business Improvement District will do all it can to join with […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for businesses.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing concern for businesses across the country, the government advice is to be prepared and to prevent the spread of any potential airborne viruses as much as possible. If your business is feeling the impact, you’re in need of advice of how to prepare and communicate with your staff, or […]

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